Sunday, 5 July 2009


It has taken a week to get my head round what just happened and to scribble anything at all about the Insider. Something extraordinary just happened that is pure testimony to the people who saw the potential and put a shoulder behind us. I still wake up in the morning wondering which musicians are going to strike up next.

Highlights, for me. Paul from Red kite yurts sorting out that brilliant awning over the bar on Thursday night. Then on Friday, Hector from the Injuns, Claes Cem and John Langan kicking off the jams at the piano in the bar that rocked every spare moment. The Banana Sessions for not only being here for a whole week beforehand but for accompanying the welly wanging with the flute and tuba, building the benches round the fire, taking the chickens under their bananary wing and for being such spirited and pleasurable company throughout. We and the poultry miss you. Bombskare. The whole of the line up on Sunday. Lau jamming for days with Charlie McKerron and Tim Edey round the fire after their gig. John Langan and Ali Caplin for being brilliant unstoppable people, spending most of their earnings over the bar and staying for a week after to tidy up, get some Insider cider inside, play some more and live like kings.

There is a lot more to be thankful for, the flock of terns circling overhead, the weather holding out, the amazing food, that beautiful tent, not seeing the lighting that made the DJ booth look like a spaceship until Saturday night. We are so grateful to Henry Ryder for doing the website and the posters for the fun of it and for bringing Louis, the youngest Insider. Big Glen for keeping the peace. We are grateful to the Injuns for surviving the Dead Man's Waltz, to Gwennie for the bunting and then for getting on stage with John Langan, to Bob and Teige and Euan turning up early and nailing together not only the power but also the snooker table, easily the most pointless and entertaining piece of furniture to be found at a festival. Big props to Tom and co. from the BBC and to everybody who came round armed with strimmers and screwdrivers in the run up. To Balvenie distillery, Andy and Claes for the musical whisky tasting. To Limelights, consummate professionals in charge of the lighting and sound. There are many more and we have not forgotten you.

Most of all I'm grateful for having the opportunity to work with Ross, Polly and Gordy, I'm sure you agree that the food, the organisation and the line up absolutely rocked. It has been a pleasure to work with them rather than just sitting in Ord Ban eating their food. Thanks to my mum for being nutty enough to let this happen, may this be the first of many extraordinary experiences afforded by Inshriach. Thanks to all of you who came.

We didnt have any press at the party but we are going to put something together ourselves. Any of you with good photos and especially good videos please I would love to see them and I have set up a flickr group, Insider at Inshriach, which anyone can post to, or you could add them to the facebook group, we use Friends of Inshriach to tell people what we are up to and its slowly gathering followers.

Once again, thank you all and watch this space. We probably need to have a fun (d) raiser soon and if any of you need either a holiday house or a good feed you know who to call.

Walter x

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bbigman2000 said...

Roll on the next one Walter, you guys put together the most amazing thing in a matter of a few weeks,The security team loved it, we thank you, FANTASTIC.


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