Thursday, 4 June 2009

Burlesque and childrens entertainment.

With 3 weeks to go we are starting to tick stuff off. The main tent has grown to accommodate the numbers, a probably OTT PA system has been specified, security and medics are close to sorted, lighting for the trees has been chosen (which, being the weekend of the summer solstice, will look amazing for at least 2 hours) and the finer points of a wine and whisky list are being polished.

We will also be joined by Viva Misadventure and Malady De Winter from the Ministry of Burlesque, lord knows what we are going to do with them but it will be in the best possible taste.

While the daddies amongst you are taking in the burlesque your kids can play at the Imagination Workshop for face painting, craft and maybe even painting some squirrels.

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