Monday, 1 June 2009

Plotting, planning and scheming

Another meeting with the licensing board and, bar some spit and polish about the website, Insider tickets are ready to be released. We have worked out where the tent goes (this picture), moved the horses and started making lots of signs, road signs, camping signs and most importantly, given that it's dry and we are in the woods, fire risk signs.

Charlie McKerron and friends are now booked for the grand Sunday night finale and I think I heard someone mention Lau...

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elma said...

hi walter,
just heard about the "GARDEN PARTY"!!! good for you. i offered 1 day of voluntary ( cos i luv u )work to your mum. do take me up on could be monday mid-day till mid-night or all day thursday. i could just cook friters for the workers, i will bring the food. would you like a load of T shirts? new £1 to you sell at £2:50/£3 sale or return. your lovely sugar granie elma. 01540661251 good luck! ps i know a media promotor for a couple of good bands do you need any? they are glasgow based.

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