Thursday, 28 May 2009

Yurt me up.

We are going to have a mongolian orchard of Yurts, if such a thing exists. They come with carpets and groundsheets and are tucked away near the house. In keeping with our absurdly reasonable pricing policy they cost this much...

A super cute 8" yurt, can sleep up to 4 but sounds perfect for a couple - £225
A 12 footer, sleeps up to 6 , £300
A 14 foot, sleeping 6 or 7, £350
A 16 foot, sleeps up to 8, £400
A 20 foot is £600

The big daddy, 24 foot of pure yurting action, comes in at £800 and sleeps absolutely loads of you.

There may also be a tipi and a bell tent or two scattered around.

email if you want one, once they are gone they are gone and they need to be booked in advance.


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