Tuesday, 26 May 2009

The Insider.

Ross, Polly, Gordy and myself were going to run the bars and a stage at the Outsider. Seeing as we have already built the bar and a stage, struck deals with brewers and distilleries, been fishing around the musical scene and invited lots of friends we are holding a party at Inshriach. We have somehow got our hands on an incredibly talented line up, featuring, at the moment and in no particular order;

Sparrow and the Workshop
Bo Jingham
Charlie McKerron
Ross Clark (and the Scarves Go Missing)
The Injuns present: Dead Man’s Waltz
Robin Adams
Washington Irving
John Langan Band
The Banana Sessions
Tallulah Rendall
Will Cookson
Black Hand Gang

ProVinylist Karim
Captain Bakewell

There will be deluxe yurt camping and tipis, a full bar, excellent local food, camping in the fields and lights in the trees, face painting, a concession selling bad jerseys, tea and cakes and other delights.

Because of the late notice we still have to be granted a license but the visits from the relevant authorities have actually been really helpful.

There are only going to be 500 tickets and we anticipate selling them very quickly so please book them early, due to the terms of our license we can't sell tickets on the door. Until this site is up and running there is a facebook group to register interest or send an email to insider@inshriachhouse.com.

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